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It seems like long ago when we brought out the Finisher Blind but in reality only fifteen years have passed.  Since then we added 4 models, each with a specific niche to fill.  Our latest offering is the Outfitter Blind which has similar features to the Finisher but with a re-designed frame that allows them to be offered at a lower price.  Then there are the M-2, Ground Force, and Power Hunter blinds.  The M-2 is our largest blind built for larger hunters and yet it folds easily into a portable package.  Ground Force blinds incorporate Finisher features in a more packable frame.  Finally, the Power Hunter is the ultimate pack in blind at 11 lbs. total weight with super-fast set up and take-down.  Our KillerWeed line of grasses will match any terrain and allow you to disappear from the eyes of cautious birds.  Snow covers are available for all the blinds that are a perfect for white background conditions. 

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